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Maxime Nocher, World champion
Miami Kiteboarding and Oceanvida are teaming up to raise $25,000 through a unique event called Xtreme Crossing Gulfstream 2017. Our objective is to offer 50 low-income kids scholarships to participate in our “Guardians of the Sea” program.  This program combines hands-on ocean conservation and non-motorized water sports such as kayaking and stand-up paddling (SUP).
Xtreme Crossing Gulfstream 2017 will feature World Class Kite Foiling Champion Max Nocher along with local Miami Kite Foilers taking on the challenge of a Gulfstream crossing between Bimini, Bahamas and Miami, Florida. The event is scheduled for April 2017.  To follow this great event, or for more info, visit xtreme Crossing
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